(Hands-On) Kubeflow as a Service


If you have already deployed a Kubeflow as a Service instance or are using Enterprise Kubeflow you can proceed to the next section.

1. Log in to Kubeflow as a Service

In your browser navigate to kubeflow.arrikto.com and complete the sign-up and sign-in process. Upon login, you will see the landing screen.

landing page

2. Create new Kubeflow deployment

Select the + NEW KUBEFLOW DEPLOYMENT option in the top right corner.

new deployment button

Click the CREATE button in the pop-up.

create button

3. Watch the video

While waiting for your Enterprise Kubeflow deployment, watch the video on Kubeflow as a Service to familiarize yourself with the tool.

watch video

Once you have completed the video select CLOSE.

4. View Login information

The deployment status will appear as Running when the deployment is ready.

deployment ready

Select the view option to see the login details for your Enterprise Kubeflow deployment.

login information

5. Log in to Enterprise Kubeflow

Use the URL, username, and password provided to log in to your Enterprise Kubeflow deployment and view the landing page.

successful login

Congratulations! You have deployed Enterprise Kubeflow. Please proceed with the next section.