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Get Dataset and Code

To work through this module you will need the code and data we have provided. Please download and unzip the handout.

Upload the handout files

Once you’ve unzipped the handout, you should see the following files.

1. Review the handout files


car_prices.csv is our data file.

data_dictionary-carprices.xlsx provides some explanatory detail on our dataset.

predict_car_price.ipynb is a notebook containing Python code that builds and evaluates three models for predicting car prices based on our dataset. We will modify the code in small ways and annotate this notebook to define and run a Kubeflow pipeline!

requirements.txt lists the Python modules required for our notebook. We'll use this file to install those requirements in a later step.

2. Open the learn-rok-snapshotting-vol-1 folder

Double-click on the directory, learn-rok-snapshotting-vol-1. Note that this is the name of the data volume you added to your notebook server previously. If you named your notebook differently, then you will be seeing a different folder name here.

vol 1 directory

3. Click the file upload button

upload files

4. Upload handout files

In the file dialog that pops up, select the handout files you unzipped and upload them to your Jupyter notebook environment.

select handout files

You will see them appear in the learn-rok-snapshotting-vol-1 directory.

vol 1 directory

5. Create a new folder

Click the button to create a new folder.

create folder

6. Name the folder "data"

name the folder

7. Move data files

Drag and drop car_prices.csv and data_dictionary-carprices.xlsx into the data folder.

move data

8. Open our notebook

Double-click predict_car_price_rok.ipynb in the file browser pane.

open our notebook

9. Enable Kale

Click the Enable toggle in the Kale Deployment panel to enable Kale.

enable Kale

10. Launch a Terminal

Click the Launcher tab and launch a Terminal.

launch terminal

11. Install Requirements

In the terminal enter the following commands.

Change to the learn-rok-snapshotting-vol-1 directory.

cd learn-rok-snapshotting-vol-1

Install the Python modules required by this notebook.

pip install -r requirements.txt

launch terminal

12. Restart the Kernel

In the predict_car_price.ipynb notebook, restart the kernel.

restart kernel