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Lab: Step Snapshot Restoration

Rok takes snapshots before and after each step in the Kubeflow pipeline. Rok Group Snapshots for pipeline steps can be referenced and restored during the creation of a Notebook Server. This will restore the exact state of processing into the Notebook Server memory for the Notebook that is created with the snapshot. This way you can recreate the exact moment that the snapshot was taken during processing.


Create a new Notebook Server using the Rok Group Snapshot for the clean_data step from the Kubeflow pipeline execution that was triggered during the Rok Snapshot Basics section. Confirm successful restoration by opening the Notebook.


View Hint
  • In the Runs UI you need to select the run created during Rok Snapshot Basics and then select the clean_data step to access the Rok Snapshot.
  • In the Notebook Server Creation UI you need to paste the Rok URL.


View Solution

First you must open the run from the Runs UI.

runs ui

Second you need select the run that was generated during Rok Snapshot Basics.

runs ui select url

Third select the clean_data step and select the snapshot in the Rok UI link from Visualizations.

snapshot rok ui link

Fourth copy the URL for the snapshot.

copy step snapshot url

Fifth paste the URL into the Rok JupyterLab URL box when creating a new Notebook Server.

paste step snapshot url

Now confirm that the restoration was successful by opening the Notebook - you will see a message that the Notebook is resuming at the clean_data step.

notebook loaded