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Single-Cell Pipeline Steps

Text Version of this Lesson

The first step of our workflow is reading data. That section of the notebook looks like this.

read data

This line of code reads the dataset into a pandas data frame.

read data-line

When working with Kubeflow pipelines, it’s important to be specific about exactly what code implements a pipeline step and to consider the modules on which the code depends. We also need to consider the data inputs and outputs for a given step.

This step depends on the pandas module. It does not have any inputs since it is the first step of our pipeline, but it does define and set the variable df_auto, which will be used in many later steps. For purposes of Kubeflow pipelines, df_auto is an output of this pipeline step.

To create our first pipeline step, we’ll do a small amount of reorganizing and then apply a few annotations.

Follow Along

Please follow along in your own copy of our notebook as we complete the steps below.

Isolate the code for your step in one cell

Modify your code so that the line that reads the car_prices.csv file is in a cell by itself.

read_data step

Annotate the cell as a Pipeline Step and name it

Click the pencil icon on that cell and set the Cell type to Pipeline Step and the Step name to read_data.

annotated read_data step

Click the x to close the annotation editor.

Note that in addition to the label, read_data, this cell of our pipeline is now marked with a vertical line that is the same color as the background of the label, read_data.

If you look more closely, you’ll see that, in fact, all cells below this first cell have been marked with a vertical line of the same color.

The default behavior for Kale is that it automatically includes the cells that follow a step cell as part of the same step until you specify otherwise by supplying annotations later in the notebook.

In its current state, our entire notebook after the cell in which we read the car_prices.csv file is a single pipeline step. Obviously, we don’t want the entire notebook to be a single-step pipeline, but this Kale behavior does provide an important convenience as we’ll see in a moment.