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Multi-Cell Pipeline Steps

Text Version of this Lesson

The Clean Data section of our notebook performs three different tasks to clean up our dataset. There are several cells here that, together, do the work of a data cleaning step.

clean_data step

As we hinted in the previous section, Kale enables you to include multiple cells in a single annotation for a pipeline step.

Follow Along

Please follow along in your own copy of our notebook as we complete the steps below.

Let’s define the second step of our pipeline. As we did before, we need to annotate a cell with the Pipeline Step label. In situations like this where the step is composed of multiple cells, you’ll want to ensure that all cells are annotated accordingly.

Annotate the first cell of the data cleaning step and name this step clean_data. The remaining cells for this step will be included in this annotation. If you can’t remember exactly how to annotate a cell, see the example for read_data above or review the Kale documentation.

When you have finished annotating clean_data, that portion of your notebook should look like the following.

clean_data step