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Dependencies Between Pipeline Steps

In order to define a pipeline you need to identify not just the code that makes up the step, but also specify the order in which the steps of your pipeline should execute. To do this, select which step (or steps) should immediately precede the step you are annotating by using the Depends on pull-down menu.

Follow Along

Please follow along in your own copy of our notebook as we add a dependency for clean_data.

The step clean_data relies on read_data to read our dataset into a pandas data frame (df_auto) so we need to define that relationship and establish the sequence in which these two steps should execute.

clean_data dependency

With the work we’ve done so far, we now have a two-step pipeline that we can summarize as follows.

Make sure you understand your data dependencies

When considering how to organize your notebook into a Kubeflow pipeline it is essential that you assess the data dependencies between steps and ensure that values you’ve set for the Depends on field for each step reflect these dependencies.