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Steps w/ Multiple Dependencies

In many cases, you’ll need to create a step that depends on two or more other steps. Steps for producing output are one example. Let’s take a look at how to set multiple dependencies by creating a final output step in our notebook.

Follow Along

Please follow along and make the corresponding changes in your own copy of our notebook.

With the changes we’ve just made to create a Functions cell containing functions for scoring and output to our notebook, each of our evaluation steps now calls output_results as its last statement. We can see this, for example in eval_xgb.


Let’s move the calls to output_results from each of our evaluation steps to a new step called output. Let’s place the cell as the very last cell in our notebook.

When we’ve finished moving the three output_results statements to this cell, it should look like this.


Now let’s annotate this cell as a Pipeline Step and set the dependencies. Note that this step will depend on eval_lgbm, eval_rf, and eval_xgb because it uses the values for each score metric from each of these steps.

The Depends on pull-down menu functions as a toggle. You may select as many dependencies as required. You may unselect options by clicking that item again in the pull-down menu.

As depicted below, we’ll select the three eval steps as dependencies for our new step, output.

multiple dependencies selected

If you make a mistake in selecting one of the dependencies, click the incorrect dependency again in this pull-down and that item will be deselected.

Once we’ve selected all the dependencies, we can click away from the pull-down menu and you’ll see that all three evaluation steps have been selected as dependencies.

multiple dependencies annotated