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Solution - Lab: Imports


Review all cells in the Modeling section of our notebook and make the following changes:

  1. Create a cell just below the “Modeling” header.
  2. Move all the import statements below this point in the notebook into the new cell you’ve just created.
  3. Annotate the new cell you created as an Imports cell.


In the Modeling section of our notebook, there are import statements in the Prep Data and Build Models subsections.

In the Prep Data subsection, we have this cell.

prep data cells

In the Build Models subsection, we have these cells.

build cells

To satisfy requirements 1 and 2, relocate the import statements from these three cells to a new cell just below the “Modeling” header. When you’re done:

  • The new cell should look like the cell depicted below.
  • The three cells depicted above should not contain any import statements.
  • The third cell above should be removed since it will be empty after relocating the import statements it contains.

build cells

To satisfy requirement 3, apply the Imports annotation to our new cell.

build cells