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Solution - Lab: Create prep_data Step


To incorporate the Prep Data section as a step in our Kubeflow pipeline, please modify your copy of our notebook to meet the following requirements:

  1. Create a new pipeline step.
  2. Set the step name to prep_data.
  3. Specify the correct step on which prep_data depends as the Depends on parameter.
  4. As part of this annotation, include only cells that contain code that is core to this step.
  5. Exclude cells in the Prep Data section that are not core to the functionality of this step using the Skip Cell annotation.


Requirements 1, 2, 3, and 4:

  • Apply the Pipeline Step annotation to the first cell in the Prep Data section to create a new pipeline step.
  • Specify prep_data as the value for the Step name parameter.
  • Specify clean_data as the step on which prep_data depends. We use clean_data here rather than read_data because we want the data in the df_auto data frame after it has been cleaned up by the operations in the clean_data step.
  • These cells select just the significant columns we identified during data analysis. It is only these that we want to use in training our model, so these two cells are essential to the prep_data step.

prep_data done

Our pipeline can now be depicted as:

pipeline after prep data

Requirement 5: This cell simply produces some diagnostic output used when we were developing this notebook to ensure that the data frame was being modified to include only the significant columns. We annotate it as a skip cell.

skip shape

Requirement 4: This cell transforms the categorical variables in our data set so that they can be used in training our model. It is essential to the prep_data step.

label encoder

Requirement 5: This cell produces diagnostic output. We annotate it as a skip cell.

skip head