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Skip Cells Not Used in a Step

In their current form, our read_data and clean_data steps both contain a number of lines of code that generate diagnostic output or do other work that is not core to the work of those steps. For pipeline runs, we don’t want to include this code, because it will add unnecessary compute cycles and execution time.

read data step

We can keep this code in our notebook where it will be of use as we continue to develop our models, but explicitly exclude it from pipeline steps. To do this, we need to make sure that all the statements to be excluded are in separate cells from the code that is core to pipeline steps. Then, we can apply the Skip Cell annotation to these cells.

Follow Along

Please follow along in your own copy of our notebook as we annotate skip cells.

For the read_data step, we’ll want to skip the calls to and To do this, edit each cell and select Skip Cell from the Cell type pull down menu.

When you’ve done this successfully, your read_data step will look something like the figure below.

read data step with skips