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Solution - Lab: Skip Cells


  1. Update the cells in the Clean Data section of our notebook so that cells not necessary for cleaning data will be excluded from the clean_data pipeline step. Here’s what clean_data looks like as you begin this exercise.

clean data step


We definitely need the first cell in the Clean Data section so no changes are required here.

clean_data first cell

This step, however, displays the data types for fields in this data set. We use the output to identify the fact that we need to change the data type for the ‘symboling’ column to ‘str’. However, we do not need to execute the cell on each run of the pipeline we’re building.


The first two cells in the block below work together to fix some misspellings and ensure that we are using the same label for ‘CarName’ across all rows.

standardize car names

The cell below is diagnostic. It turns out that we don’t have any duplicates in this data set, but even if we did, we do not need to run this cell as part of the clean_data step or any pipeline step. We would only run cells that dealt with duplicates.


This cell is just a means of getting a quick peek at the data. It doesn’t do any data cleaning.


!!! important "Follow Along Before continuing, please ensure the clean_data step in your notebook matches the solution above.