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Lab: Interpret Katib Output

There are two ways to identify the ideal hyperparameters for model optimization.


Identify the ideal hyperparameters by reviewing the output from either the Experiments (KFP) UI or the Experiments (AutoML) UI.


View Hint
  • In the Experiments (KFP) UI you need to select the experiment set and review the column for the desired objective.
  • In the Experiments (AutoML) UI you can either
    • Scroll down to the summary section.
    • Navigate to the Trials tab and view the highlighted trial.


View Solution

For Experiments(KFP) Select the experiment with the best objective metric score, click the Config Tab, scroll down to the Parameters. experiment-kfp-output

For Experiments(KFP) Scroll down to the Parameters: experiment-automl-output

To see which trial produced the best result select Trials and identify the highlighted row: experiment-kfp-output