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Sharing Kubeflow Snapshots

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About This Course

Rok provides an enterprise data management layer that makes it possible for you to instantly snapshot your containers and group them into collections which we call Buckets. With Rok Registry, you can share your Bucket links with specific collaborators, groups of collaborators, everyone, or just yourself! Users can create private or public groups on Rok Registry and can define fine-grained Access Control Lists.

In this course, you will learn how to publish a Rok Bucket to Rok Registry and how to subscribe to a published bucket in Rok Registry.

Course Certificate

This course has an accompanying certificate which you can trigger and access in the final sections of the course. This certificate is an HTML based certificate and can be shared on any medium of your choosing.


We strongly recommend you complete the Rok 101 course before you begin this course and your Rok Registry admin has completed the Rok Registry installation and configuration for you to be able to publish and subscribe a bucket.

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